Alexandra McMullan

This collection was originally influenced by the work of Dutch painter, Kees Goudzwaard, who creates still life representatives using tonal block colours, ‘increasing the viewers sensitivity towards subtle variations in surfaces, borders and outlines’. This idea has placed focus on developing construction methods, including untraditonal seam finishes and using block colouring and fabrication to divide sections of garments.
Through experimentation of appling surface decoration techniques, such as embelishment and embroidary, to lace and wool, an orginal style of pattern and texture has been created within the collection, bringing a fresh approach to classic themes such as plaid. This also became a way to introduce vibrant, yet tonal colour variations such as fushias, deep purples and silvers.
Each garment has been designed with the consideration that it should be aesthetically accessable to a range of women at varying ages. Classic fashion items, such as the trench and duffle coat, have been studied and renewed through the application of the above concept. Emphasis is placed on craftmanship and wearablity createing a sophisticated yet casual look, with each piece becoming a staple item within itself.