Alexandra Paul

Regal Rococo

Stately homes, interior details and Rococo/Neoclassical art movements are the main inspiration for this spring/summer collection.

Wallington Hall a stately home in Northumberland was the key inspiration, looking at the rich details from its plaster work on wall carvings, ceiling designs and colours. The Rocco ceiling in the dining room made by The Lafranchini Brothers in the 18th century inspired this seasons print. The mini macramé inserts are inspired by chainmail from the armour display in The Wallace collection in London. Chainmail pattern inspired the pattern for the knots, and the mini keyrings reflect the metal and silver from the armoury. This creating a very gentle and soft reflection of chainmail.

The Rocco print is used throughout the collection and accessories bringing all the looks together and is used as the signature print for the lining of the leather bags. The silhouette is a simple a line shape, with movement from ruffle inserts which elongate the silhouette and oversized jackets in a feminine colour palette and style but with a bold shape, designed for a confident woman.