Alice Herron

urban uniform

As the grime scene in Britain continues to grow so does the love for the tracksuit and casuals, popularized by MC’s such as Skepta and Stormzy. The tracksuit is a common choice of attire within grime culture offering comfort and what some might see as an iconic uniform associated with the genre. This Autumn/ Winter collection adapts various traditional military styles into more modern ‘comfies’ appropriate for the grime scene.  Aspects of 18th century Hussar uniforms have been combined with various other vintage military influences to create the new ‘urban uniform’. Grime music is a ‘representation of a lifestyle centered on (the) struggle’ of the working class. This collection juxtaposes the classic stereotypical tracksuit with decorative details such as the use of battlecord/ paracord, stitched patterns and a custom stamp, all adapting the ornamental detailing of the Hussar uniforms.

I am a very enthusiastic menswear designer with a strong eye for detail. My work is heavily influenced by vintage military pieces and I enjoy every step of creating garments from sketching to production.