BethANY Sutton


California Angels is mainly inspired by silhouettes from the 1960s which was influenced by The Summer of Love in 1967, this was a huge hippie movement and is a part of San Francisco’s history. The collection is inspired by the Californian lifestyle. The silhouette is inspired by iconic shapes from the 60’s which is an A-line, playful shape. Details are inspired and originate from vintage 60’s research/garments and also the heavy biker jackets and detailing from the Hells Angels. The Summer of Love exhibition inspires the collection with techniques such as taking forward the ‘handmade’ look, the posters from the exhibition showed hand scribbles and layering techniques which transferred across to the prints. The Hells Angels inspiration brings that harsh contrast element that was everything against what the hippies believed in. Bringing vibrant pops of rainbow colours inspired by the Color Factory throughout the collection, as well as the harshness of the black to bring an edge to the collection.  Tonal variations and unique fabric choices bring the ultimate playful, summer feel to the pieces. Designed with styling ideas from the Summer of Love exhibition allow freedom and movement from a loose flared silhouette.

The summer of 2019 is going to be bright, playful and poolside perfect.