Caitlin Burrow

beauty in decay: A structures journey to destruction

The collection takes inspiration from the details and the beauty of derelict buildings. With an interest in how a building can go from such strength to weakness, ‘Beauty in Decay: A structures journey to destruction’ looks at the details found in this transition and how this can be represented through clothing. Often forgotten in society, it is
interesting to look at these old structures and the sense of story left behind; layers of wallpaper, crumbling walls,bare concrete, all of which create great sources of inspiration.
A fundamental idea that runs throughout the collection is the idea of layering breaking down. With the clothes often segmented, it identies how within a garment, much like the buildings, blocks are breaking down. With a combination of tailoring and softer pieces, which drape, it was hoped this would create a nice juxtaposition between the constructed and deconstructed pieces of the collection, demonstrating a contrast between the controlled and uncontrolled.
As a key element of the collection, Print was important in conveying key textures and adding to the aesthetic. Taking the print designs straight from primary imagery, again wishing to explore this idea of broken layers and the build up over time, the print and surface decoration used within the collection was intended to create a new sense of texture, demonstrating how these dierent fabrics can also be changed. When incorporated in the grey and blue colour palette, the cold hues help reinforce further the links to the concept and the concrete structures that inspired them.