Caitlin Hudson

My collection was inspired by Royal Britannia with most focus on the Royal British family, following Queen Elizabeth’s reign from a child to now. It brings forward a new fun twist on the traditional regal themes, with my research following different eras of the Queens reign, silhouette became inspired by her elegant gowns and moulage of a traditional corset with oversized knitwear underneath. Through deep research into the royal ceremonies, driving the collection is the playful twist on traditional royal garments through knitwear, challenging the boundaries of knit by weaving in the main regal fabrics such as embellished lace, beaded trims and velvet; creating a new playful twist on the traditional royal ceremony in a fresh exciting way. Challenging the conceptions of knitwear through creating knitted corsets, with slouchy knitted silhouettes underneath to create the stiff hourglass shapes worn in our Queens childhood. With a young upbeat edge to this collection, it will be styled with a red head pale model, an English rose. Accessorised with crowns, satin heels and heavy beaded jewellery. Mixing the twist of a traditional elegant collection, with a young fun edge to it, this collection will portray a fresh young element on our Royal Britannia.

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