An Intimate Revolution

An Intimate Revolution is a Spring / Summer 2020 collection, that explores the prevalence of sexual assault and victim blaming in the courts.

The primary research behind the collection focuses on feminism, protest culture and the history of women’s underwear in relation to sexual assault and victim blaming. Protest signs that were held during the ‘panty protests’ in Ireland and the global Women’s Marches have inspired the use of print, stitch and colour throughout the collection. The silhouette was drawn from researching vintage underwear, particularly focusing on 1920s styles, because that of the way that underwear has subconsciously outlined the history of women's bodies, their objectification, sexuality, and liberation throughout time.

The collection is aimed at a high-end designer market level. This is reflected in the quality of my fully fashioned knitted pieces, the finishes on my woven garments, and the luxurious yarns and fabrications; mostly silk, merino and cotton fibres.


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