Chloe Brown

‘Vintage volksters’ FMP

Vintage Volksters collection is inspired by attending, Volkswagen car shows. The research is mainly looking at how people customise their vehicle by adding personal tweaks to reflect their personalities and how they attend/ camp at these shows. The collection is inspired by what fabrics are used when camping at the show.  This collection is aimed at hardworking men, it is wearable, comfortable, durable and functional garments. The fabrics sourced and recycled and are mainly inspired by what I saw at the car shows such as love warn denims, tents, sleeping bags, car interior, and bed duvets. I wanted to create a street-wear collection that reflects to alternative customers. I want the garments in the collection to be items the customer can wear all season round when going to VW events.

Design philosophy
I like to push boundaries within techniques to create personal identity art work. I enjoy to challenge myself to develop and learn new skills. I get inspired by subcultures and everyday life, I love capturing the world around me taking notes and photographs to inspire myself for the next idea. I feel I mainly find inspiration from how people dress and vintage lifestyles, I am very passionate about the 1950’s/ 1940’s era but also enjoy seeing vintage car shows such as Volkswagen car show scene. I am very influenced by men’s wear and women’s-wear and like to design for both customers. I believe in being messy when researching letting your mind wander, and being neat when creating a functional working garment, I enjoy all technical aspects to designing the CAD, pattern cutting and the sewing side.

PHONE: 07860 577662