Christina Cobb


A strong 70s silhouette and ultra soft yarns, furs and fabrics come together to create the ultimate in stylish comfort dressing. Inspired by the plumage of birds and the idea that through your clothing you can create a nest for yourself, this collection combines simple, unfussy shapes with inviting textures and techniques. These techniques come primarily from the picking of materials matching the chosen colour
palette and aesthetic, combined with simple experimentation and manipulation, letting the materials dictate how and where they should be used. In this instance, yarns are cut and woven into fabrics and fashioned into weighty tassels, furs form cocooning linings and cosy pocket bags, and quality wool fabrics are used for tailored staple pieces.
The collection is primarily made up of knitted garments, with the addition of a small number of woven pieces. It challenges the idea that a knitted garment, such as a jumper or a cardigan, should be a one off within an outfit, and looks at what happens when the balance is redressed and woven items become the minority. Although not necessarily cutting edge, these garments use an incredible amount of hand manipulated techniques. Each strand of yarn in the textured coat and gilet is hand woven, each tassel hanging from the merino wool dress is hand made, and each of the thousands of holes in the knitted blouse is comprised of two hand transferred stitches. It is the massive level of human input involved in each garment which sets them apart and makes them special. The customer is someone who wants to invest in both timeless classics and fun, colourful pieces. She dresses for herself, with the view that her outfit is her protection and preparation for the day ahead.

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