Ciara Morgan

conceal; reveal

Street art is such a large area for expressionism, allowing an artist to fluidly convey emotions and opinions freely while simultaneously encouraging a level of anonymity and secrecy through the mystery of the artist. CONCEAL: REVEAL embodies this culture, creating a range of pieces which can be used as an
expression of identity through bold colours, prints and shapes, while providing options for the wearer to conceal identity through clever design details and construction.

Trend research also runs parallel to this throughout the collection, with a focus on how we are evolving as a digital generation. This is interpreted literally, through examples of digital print, and used to inform the use of synthetic fabrics. The ‘Creative Manifesto’ trend is a driver for styling and overall impact, which encourages the wearer to challenge their inner creativity using fashion as a tool.

Research includes a soft focus on the style of dress for graffiti artists, which includes tight fitted leggings, mid length shorts, lighter tops and gas masks. These garments allowed for free movement for the wearer. This research combined has lead to the development of a 6 look sportswear/streetwear collection for SS 19.