Courtney Simon

Real Reflective Roots

The collection by SIMON.C is not only inspired by The Apartheid of 1948-1994, but stems from her deep Caribbean roots. Drawing on family history, Courtney Simon has been able to produce a collection which reflects the personal struggles of those closest to her - a struggle which has moulded not only the designer but the pieces she has consequently created. The Apartheid inspiration incorporates the idea of self reflection - exemplified by mirror image detail - which also encapsulates the influence of Lewis Carroll’s legendary novel ‘Through the Looking Glass’. With the silhouette of the original designs taken from black style, the garment inspiration ranges from African robes to apparel in keeping with the hip hop, street wear vibe. Throughout the collection, fabric has been carefully selected to integrate African print cloths, sportswear materials and textile pieces which capture the tales of Carroll. This highly personal collection will highlight some of the key quotes from the Apartheid period - an era close to the designers heart; yet the breakthrough to an equal and prosperous future will be represented by the contemporary and enthusiastic way in which these garments are brought together. In order to express the emotion of happiness - which stemmed from the touching experiences of the Simon family - bright and colourful colours of the imagination will be teased out of Carroll’s vibrant stories. The simple message - ‘If you don’t know where you’re from, you don’t know where you’re going’.