Danielle Hill


This Pre-Fall 2019 Womenswear collection ‘Recognition’ stems from an appreciation towards the Special Forces and Emergency Services who provide the public support during times of need. Aimed at women in their thirties, the target market for this collection is a more sophisticated customer seeking bespoke statement pieces to add something fresh and innovative to their wardrobe.

Real garment research of specialist uniforms, as well as primary research from the ‘Art of In-Between’ exhibition at the Met Museum NYC, has heavily influenced this collection. Combining the craftsmanship of leather thonging within Rei Kawakubo’s collection, ‘Ballerina Motorbike’ with the silhouettes and details of specialist uniform garments, from present-day bulletproof vests and fire-fighter jackets, to the more traditional 1930’s webbing sets. The combination of
delicate, ultra-light fabrication is juxtaposed against heavier leather also strapping, metal fastenings and oversized pockets which are all cohesive throughout the collection.

To keep the collection contemporary, the overall silhouette will be a sophisticated, full length and draped fit, developed through moulage techniques, producing innovative shapes for patterns within key garments. The entire collection will be developed through construction and problem solving whilst incorporating vintage up-cycled garments where possible for a sustainable edge.

Recognition will hopefully make consumers appreciate up-cycling as sustainable fashion within a bespoke collection as well promoting awareness of the support that the Police, Fire Bridge and Armed Forces are providing globally and promoting charities such as Help for Heros and UK Solidarity Fund, which helps those in need or who have been affected by terror

Danielle Hill
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