Danielle Wallace

Urban Hiplet

Urban Hiplet is a reaction to the viral dance style of ‘Hiplet’ in America. Founded by Homer Hans Bryant it is the combination of the dance styles Ballet and Hip-hop. The collection is influenced by the trend in terms of silhouette and detail but is a casual wear collection as oppose to a performance one.  

Both original Hip-Hop and Ballet garments are alluded to informing silhouette: baggy, oversized and low crotches from Hip-Hop and boxy crop jackets and leggings from Ballet. Furthermore there is a strong influence taken from graffiti running through the collection as this is an important element of Hip-Hop. The collection will have a streetwear vibe, and will compromise of both tailoring influences inspired by Hip-Hop designer Dapper Dan and sportswear details to reflect the practicality needed in dance. It is a collection aimed at the mid-high end designer market meaning that there’s scope to push the design and have elements purely for aesthetic effect.

Urban Hiplet is aimed at a young professional who is a fashion forward individual. They don't mind investing in fashion led statement pieces to enable them to stand out from the crowd, they are cool, confident and love living a city lifestyle. They like traditional menswear with a twist, which is offered within the collection. The collection is a hybrid of the two different styles in order to create a fun but chic menswear collection with new silhouettes and pieces which will become must haves for a fashion conscious individual.