Dionne Kinghorn


Sisterhood is an Autumn/ Winter 2020 womenswear ready to wear collection.

It is a sizeless collection.

It is a collection which will empower women.

It is a collection which will not discriminate women because of their size.

It will be a collection where one size fits all, through manipulating a garment to fit all sizes.

Sisterhood has taken inspiration from the body positivity movement, a modern-day feminist movement. Strong feminist women with strong beliefs in feminism and the body positivity movement will inspire this collection; Ashley Graham and Paloma Elssesser. These women each have a beautiful and the aim of this collection is to create a collection suitable to be worn by all.

As a catholic and a female with feminist beliefs, and a passion for the body positivity movement, I have incorporated my heritage into this collection. Sisterhood has too been inspired by the Roman Catholic Church and the role of women within the church particular nuns. Inspiration has also been taken from my upbringing as a catholic, inspired by the architecture of Durham Cathedral, from the Romanesque architecture to the many stained-glass windows. Furthermore, a key inspiration within this collection will be my holy baptism, taking inspiration from my own christening dress.

Overall, Sisterhood is a size less collection, designed to empower women of all sizes.



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