Eden Najran

Inspiration for this collection came from a trip to Australia and a subsequent understanding of coral bleaching. Despite the severity of this crisis and the threat it poses to the planet, it is largely unheard of and misunderstood. Coral reefs are incredibly biodiverse, supporting a quarter of all marine life and providing a source of food, income and medicine to approximately 500 million people. This collection was created with the hope of inspiring people to learn more about coral bleaching and what can be done to save the reefs, by showing how beautiful they can be. Research has been conducted into various types of corals, as well as the causes of bleaching and man’s relationship to the sea, which has influenced the silhouette, while print and fabric manipulation are used to create texture.

This ready-to-wear collection is aimed at adventurous women aged 25-35, looking to Abbey Lee as a muse. The Australian model and actress is known for being outspoken and entertaining which reflects the intentional lightheartedness of the designs, which is an attempt to try and bring some levity to an otherwise dire concept by celebrating the natural beauty of the ocean.

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