Eleanor Campbell


This season-less womenswear collection is inspired by 1960’s Barbie, her fastenings, finishing’s and packaging, whilst juxtaposing this with
1960’s couture to give elegance to the crudely finished garments from Mattel. The 1960’s space race and the film Barbarella also inspire the shape and silhouette of the garments within the collection.
Although the collection is looking at the 1960’s, there are elements of this particular era that can be manipulated in order to provide a new and unique fabrication for modern use, such as the use of plastic and synthetic fabrics. This is made possible through the technological advances that have been made within contemporary society, which has enabled the development of innovative techniques such as bonding.
By combining multiple concepts, gathered through extensive research, this collection will result in a distinctive and extraordinary combination of Barbie’s oversized clothing, fastenings and raw edges, together with 1960’s Parisian couture’s perfect finishing’s.