Ellie Deacon

Una Santa Trinita

Italian culture, religion, and architecture forms the concept of the collection. The attire of religious icons such as The Pope and other biblical figures have influenced the silhouettes. There is a contemporary juxtaposition with staple garments you would find in a stylish Italian woman’s wardrobe such as the trench coat and statement summer dress. Print techniques including devore are used to incorporate aesthetics and textures of the Cathedral di Santa Maria which gives added depth and meaning to the collection. The printed fabric also contributes to the flow and colour balance within the collection. The pallete is developed from the cathedrals exterior and includes summery ivories, pastel greys and feminine nudes. When it comes to the pattern cutting I have referred to the traditional cutting of the staple items, combining this with new aspects, for example, to give complexity I have used the floor plan of the cathedral to create a template for a structured shoulder pattern as featured in a selection of the designs. The fabrication represents ideal materials for spring summer such as lightweight outerwear, silks, and crepes.