Ellie Woollard

Highland Expedition Womenswear A/W 19

A womenswear collection that explores outdoor clothing women wore traditionally to mountaineer such as full length elaborate skirts and oversized knickerbocker pants. Focusing on the dysfunctional shapes and silhouettes of these garments and merging modern outdoor elements such as elastic powder skirts and layered
panels to capture the Victorian climbing garments in a new light.

Highly inspired by the Scottish outdoors, colours will come from natural landscapes  and flowers often seen whilst on an escapade in the Scottish highlands such as the eye catching lilacs from thistles and heather.
Vibrant colours will be injected into the collection through mountaineering decorative frayed rope and re-worked tartan rope applique.

The outcome of this collection will be a range of elastic detailed smocks, layered panels, trousers and full skirt inspired silhouettes. Mixtures of technical and natural fabrication that compliment but clash
each other giving the customer one off pieces that pay homage to the strong women who climbed in elaborate garments in style, creating a new niche in sports luxe ready-to-wear.