Emily Jagger

I find beauty in the delicate forms in the evergreen around us. I want to create impactful fashion that reveals hidden gems through a seam detail or a subtle fabric manipulation. Working in a 3D form I can moulage and create pieces personal to me and give my own sensitive design handwriting to every piece so that it portrays the ultra-feminine mood I aim to express.

This SS20 collection was originally inspired by my visit to Kew gardens. Immediately captivated by the immense structures that encase the tropical life inside springs my initial idea. The cascading plants motivate the form and silhouette as it is re-explored in a free way that will challenge the parameters of conventional pattern cutting. The ridged lines that make up the construction of the greenhouse will be mimicked in the form of structured garments that restrict the plants to break out of these barriers, this will be interpreted through bonding real flowers between sheer fabrics. Blending the irregular draping of the plats with the austere shapes of the greenhouse will give an overgrown mood.