Emma Cooper


My identity is not in what I design. My identity is in Christ.

As a Christian I am motivated and called to work to the glory of God. God designed and made the world in such a wonderful way. I want my work to reflect his creation and hopefully point towards Him.

The A/W 18 collection ‘Revelation’ was inspired by the last book in the Christian Bible which explains that even though this world is fleeting and everything in it fades, there is the hope of Heaven and everything will be made new through Jesus Christ. 

There is Roman architecture that still stands today but a lot has crumbled and decayed over the years. The patterns and shapes found within these designs was the inspiration for the silhouette and smocking designs seen within the collection.

The S/S 19 collection ‘Genesis’ is a follow-on collection, which puts the man-made Roman architecture seen in ‘Revelation’ alongside Gods creation of bugs and butterflies. This new dimension of inspiration from God’s creation informed the colour, silhouette and print designs for this collection.

The final collection in this portfolio was created for Topshop for S/S 19. This was inspired by ‘The Workshop’ trend, looking at aprons and overalls and integrating them with feminine floral lace and embroidery.