Emma Rigby


‘Eat your crusts’, is an AW 19/20 collection aimed at fun and fiesty girls aged between 21-30. The collection explores the strange place in our lives when we are stuck between childhood and adulthood. Inspired by the naïve and openness of a child’s mind, the collection will use the fantastical and surreal nature of children’s story book illustrations, contrasting with the simplicity of menial and boring every day adult tasks to create a juxtaposition of the two. Whether it be a giraffe doing the laundry or a leopard carrying out the weekly food shop, the collection will narrate the story of this grey area in our lives through vibrant and striking prints to a fantasy world of adult and childlike fiction.

The warm 70’s colour palette taken from old childhood family photographs with pops of vivid youthful colour will drive the collection’s prints, as well as inspiring school uniform and 70’s shapes for garment silhouette. Durable and hard-wearing fabrics will work alongside soft and comfortable ones associated with childrenswear, in addition to details such as toggles, plastic buckles, elastic and Velcro. The fun and youthful nature of the collection sits alongside brands such as Miu Miu, Preen Line and Mira Mikati, making these diffusion and mid designer market level brands the main competitors.

The collection plays homage to being a little bit silly, having fun, and not taking yourself too seriously, however grown up you are.



Instagram: riggleprint