Evi Kalli


‘Tribal Adornment’ explores and engage styles and ideas inspired by the Hip-Hop culture and the Egungun Masqueraders eclectic colours and vibrant details.
Using elements from the hip-hop culture the A/W collection includes oversized silhouettes and some of their iconic clothing pieces as insiparation. In addition, using the Egungun Masquraders unique take on world fabrications, decorative techniques and details that were hidden inside their culture, the collection experiments with these features to express the energy felt from both cultures through colours and embellishment. In adition, looking into their cultures clothing pieces, symbolic bulls and fish were identified. Applying these within the collection, with the bulls signifying masculinity, power and strength and the hidden fish emulating a sense of emotion, healing and purification, ‘Tribal Adornment’ aims to show the world that ‘the harder exterior protects the softer interior’. The bulls and fish are used as decorative symbols on an array of garments, but also a bull headpiece sculpture is used, created by the artist Kyriakos Kallis for styling.

This collection will be ideal for creative people who have interest for art, a little eccentricity and eclectic on their clothing preferences. Even though the specific collection will be for men, the designing style used can be ideal for all genders and sexual identities, as everything will look very colourful, fluffy, oversized with lots of beading and sequins.