Genevieve Devine

orpheus in the underworld

The key-note of this women’s wear collection is the playful wonder of childhood and the innocent delight in mischief. The collection explores the riotous tale of Orpheus in the Underworld and its cast of deities through the eyes of a child. With silhouettes drawn from moulage and workwear with a childlike, naïve exaggeration of scale. Painter’s overalls, artists smocks, Japanese workwear trousers are fused into the silhouette of the collection, celebrating craftsmanship and
durability. The collection is a playground of secret pockets and other delightful hidden details that reveal themselves upon close exploration of the garments.
Sustainability is the driving force of this collection, a reaction against the wastefulness of fast fashion. The tradition of creating heirloom garments that can be passed on has been merged with the need to recycle, without compromising on beauty. Therefore, cast-off fabrics from deconstructed items, repurposed household table linens, have been fused with football shirts playfully to create the collection. Garments are intelligently engineered and crafted using pattern cutting and tailoring skills. They are adorned with embroidery, transforming them into treasured garments that can be added to each time a piece is passed down, thus allowing the story of each piece to grow over time. The oversized silhouettes, adjustable drawstrings and belt-tie details allow for this passing down of garments to the next generation.
The collection is for the young woman who lives in a world entirely of her own making and lovingly embraces her inner child. She is enigmatic and alluring, she is creative, intelligent and mysterious. This woman works to live and lives to play. She may wear a beautiful dress but her grazed knee is her badge of honour.

Instagram : Genevieve_florence_devine