Grace Short

1.This collection was designed as an Autumn/Winter menswear collection and was inspired by 18th century explorer’s discoveries of many plant species that we admire today found in botanical gardens. The structure and architecture of the Kew Gardens glass houses inspired the shape and silhouette of the garments. Fabric manipulation has been experimented within the collection, for example, embroidery detailing alongside digital printing which have been influenced by the shapes of flowers and leaves seen within the Gardens. The collection consists of black, alongside various shades of green from light to dark, inspired by the variety of leaves influencing the collection colour story. The 18th century clothing was used as a reference point for the collection to be based upon but this has been modernised to fit with todays current trends and markets offering a vision of style combined with historical indication.

2.The Spring/Summer River Island collection has been inspired by geometric architectural shapes combined with botanical references. The geometric structures give shape and silhouette to the garments whilst the botanical side softens the collection, inspiring the colour and fabric used. This includes the digital print of merging shades of pinks and lilacs to resemble the softness and opposite effect of the bold architectural references to give a balanced contrast throughout the collection.

3.Taking inspiration from powerful messages displayed through art, has lead me to look at neon signs for the colour and brightness included as detailing within the two looks for the LEVI customisation project. Garments reference the nostalgic 1990’s with classic dungarees and printed tee’s aimed at displaying empowering messages through clothing using embroidery techniques.

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