Hannah Attewill

I am a driven and ambitious womenswear designer that loves coming up with new and unique concepts. I’m inspired by anything and everything around me; my friends and family, the people I cross on the street and the colours that bring life to something so ordinary. I love both the research and design stages and experimenting by using moulage on a mannequin, creating some of my favourite silhouettes.

60’s Shades of Flower

This design collection is a homage to the 60s; a decade dominated by the youth. It delves into the culture, the designers and the women. It has been brought to life using iconic flower prints, motifs and design features using an A line silhouette. The 60s was all about having fun, expressing confidence through clothing and showcasing women’s sexual liberation, therefore this collection uses these themes to influence the design of transparent fabrics and 3D flowers.

EMAIL - hannahattewill@hotmail.co.uk
pHONE - 07909785276