Hannah Smithies


1- This Spring/Summer 2020 Womenswear collection is inspired by the culture of Spain and Africa. Taking influences for garments and colour from Spain and my print style from African prints. The ideas stemming from a holiday to Spain visiting markets. Spanish garment influences including structure and details from the matador jacket and the wide shape of the flamenco dresses, whilst translating the ruffles into pleats for my collection. The silhouette is wide and pleated, taken from the fans sold at the markets. African style prints which are bright and colourful. Prints created using motifs from drawings of Moorish Architecture. Tonal colours of orange and pink and pops of colour including blue. Experimenting with laser cutting. Designed for a girl who isn’t afraid to wear bright colours and loves to travel. Aimed at a market level between bridge brands and mass market- the high street, sitting between Alice & Olivia and COS.

2- This A/W 20/21 collection is inspired by Kintsugi. Fixing items in a unique way bringing them back to life. Customizing clothing which have been damaged or worn through, making holes in the item or repairing the holes. Revamping the clothes in decorative ways including techniques of laser cutting, machine embroidery and adding holes in intentional ways. Applying these to customers own Levis items that need repairing or those purchasing items who want to experience the unique customization process. Influenced by trends of metallic foiling, platinum silver, printed and laser cut logos.

3- Inspired by gardens and what is found in them, flowers and insects. Growing up with flowers in my own garden as well as my grandparents who are keen gardeners. The collection creates floral garden prints for a young independent women aged 18-26. Designed for S/S 20.