Harriet Eccleston


ENTWINED is a transeasonal collection for 2017. Following my family’s roots back to the North East and inspired by the lives of my Grandparents, Entwined captures an essence of family life and childhood memories. The feeling of safety, comfort and security interlock with the well crafted and refined ideals of the 1900s. Aiming to provide smart, comfortable and adaptable contemporary garments that allows an active, modern woman to dress confidently and with impact. The use of modern fabrics, pattern cutting and finishes in a reminiscent nature keeps the memory of the past, and the people in it, alive.

Email -  harriet.eccleston94@gmail.com
Phone - 07817 018691
Twitter - HarrietEccles1
Instagram - harrieteccleston
Web - www.harrieteccleston.co.uk