Helena Stainthorpe


The original inspiration for this collection is the criminal underworld of the 1920’s, particularly the suits worn by Al Capone. This led the designer to investigate the origins of the pinstripe suit which revealed strong ties to the sportswear of the early 1900’s. Having a passion for historical design this encouraged further research into the range of garments worn during this period in terms of cut, fabric, sewing details and pattern.

This collection aims to bring elements of sportswear to fuse aspects of historical and current sports trends incorporating the classic pinstriped suit of the early 1900s with the urban tracksuits of today. Bringing the 1920’s to the 21st century. A combination of tailoring along with elasticated cuffs and hems will bring about a new look to sportswear. This high-end collection will sell in places such as Dover Street Market selling next to the likes of Comme Des Garcons Homme Plus.

The strong colour palette will be a culmination of the research inspiration and will incorporate and combine current and historical links. The customer for this Autumn/ Winter 2018 Womenswear collection is aged 21 plus. The customer likes to be different, she seeks to be contemporary without being a fashion victim, she is the effortlessly cool but is always standing out from the crowd.

The silhouette created will be loose fitting, a masculine look with large shoulders inspired from the classic historical sports suit and Al Capone’s suits along with traditional sportswear silhouettes. Layering will build throughout the garments but with a new take to this; unexpected two piece collars with two functioning fastenings in one jacket. Fabrics will include 100% wool blend pinstripe suiting, cotton twills, melton wool, poly blend track suit fabric all mixed with the many fabrics making up the unique striped fabric.

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