Hirra Mahmood


This Autumn/ Winter 2020 collection aims to provide modest fashion serving women from various races, cultures and backgrounds, who seek to be fashionably modest. The designs follow a traditionally modest silhouette consisting of loose fit garments, casual denim as well as dresses no shorter than knee length. The goal is to fuel women to follow modest dress codes and to confidently express their individuality through style, patterns and colours.

The story originates from a South Asian blogger who travels through the West hoping to find inspiration. She is someone who is stylishly proud of her heritage. The silhouette of the garment derives from her traditional background, consisting of oversized Kaftans and overcoats as well as casual shirts and wide trousers.

Inspired by the heritage of ancient buildings and the beauty of travelling, the research for the collection stems from the exploration of florescent vintage architecture through various styles of drawing inspired by textile artist Mandy Pattullo, to achieve decorative bohemian style prints. The key patterns range from florals to vintage brocade. The nature of the architecture is the main influence of the palette for the collection.

The inspiration for my designs stem from my surroundings. I find serenity in travelling and taking photographs, as well as sketching anything I find of use for my collections. My research frequently consists of vintage architecture and floral elements as they act as a base for developing my signature bohemian and tile like patterns, which then become finalised on to fabric. Throughout the studies of my research, I thoroughly enjoy exploring the use of mixed media as it provides fuel for my collection designs and translates through textiles. The garments in my collection relate back to historic garments of a certain decade, which link to my initial research.

As an individual who is influenced by cultures and the beauty of everyday life, the focus of my work is emphasised through detailed and eccentric prints. Patterns are interesting in a way that they can be created through different scales, proportions and colour. My strength lies in being able to combine those colours and patterns in an innovative way. Research and experimentation are a must for the beginning of my design process as it holds the key for my creative thinking, which then translates to my final designs.



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