Hollie Newton

abstract interaction

‘Abstract Interaction’ is a Menswear collection for Autumn/Winter 2016. The interwoven tailoring collection will embody cross cultural craftsmanship through native and contemporary artwork of the Eastern and Western World; taking it’s inspiration from a fusion between the unique Indonesian architecture, in particular, the intricate patterns created as part of the Rumah Gadang, together with the abstract artwork of Josef and Anni Albers, of the Bauhaus.
Obscuring the silhouette, garments will be interrupted by intersecting pattern and texture, established through pattern cutting and knitwear. Colour is fundamental in the direction of the collection, reflecting on the synergy of colour in the research. Considering traditional dress and using archive garments, British tailoring will be referenced when considering the design ensemble, in order to reinterpret classic recognisable styles, with the balance of fit within oversized garments being crucial.
Targeting a high-end market, the collection will compete with designers such as Agi & Sam and Paul Smith, due to their colourful tailoring, and playful approach to menswear, constructing the collection with high quality natural fabrics and yarns.