Holly Watson

Onna Bugeisha

This collection is Fall 2019 RTW Womens wear. The market level is consistent with high end brands such as Etro, Sacai and Moncler and would be sold in stores such as Colette Paris or Dover street Market . The target customer is affluent and lives in a city. She buys statement pieces and choses to make a statement with how she dresses.

This collection explores female empowerment through Japanese historical culture and folklore, drawing inspiration from the bold, over-exaggerated silhouettes portrayed in traditional Japanese paintings. Particular attention has been paid to those depicting ‘Onna Bugeisha’, female nobility who were trained in the art of the samurai in order to protect their family during times times of war. These females warriors often gained notoriety through exceptional fighting skill and leadership , qualities that directly contested Japanese ideals of the time that predisposed femininity to powerlessness.

The ornate knitwear stitches are inspired by the opulent and intricate detailing of Samurai armour and often incorporate varying yarn types and other media such as rope and metal loops to add dimension .While much of this collection takes inspiration from classical Japanese garments and does not utilise any modern closures, the collection still retains a wholly contemporary edge through the use a rich and vibrant colour scheme.Similarly to Samurai armour being layered with several separate garments this collection incorporates layering which is over exaggerated through the use of wool linings to add structure and volume. Hand painted panels are inspired by Inro which are Japanese pouches often hand carved or gilded. They feature depictions of sea creatures or insects most commonly.

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