Isabella Gallucci

Royal Ceremony

This collection brings forward a new contemporary twist on the traditional Royal ceremony, with the help from research on the British Royal Family and Military. The elegance of the Queen and the celebratory events that surround her were a key inspiration to the fabrics and design of the garments.
A different approach was taken to show masculinity for women by drafting some of the garments from men’s military blocks. Areas were transformed to suitably fit a female body while keeping aspects of the men’s garment. This in turn reflects the research undertaken and traditional inspirations. The two sides of the collection, powerful military shapes and lavish evening gowns intertwine to create bold womenswear pieces.
The Melton jackets against the softer silks and fur of some of the Queen’s ensembles shows an even mix of femininity against masculine features. Investigating the decorative side of the Royal gowns and religion for pattern and embellishment details added an extra edge of femininity to the overall military inspired silhouette and shape designed for Autumn/Winter 2017. The target market is high end and ready to wear fashion for women. Bespoke evening wear garments that have a slight edge whilst sitting amongst the likes of Balmain and Givenchy.