Jasmine Bennett

Cryptic CODES

Russia 1900 to 1920, the imperial residence of Tsars and Tsarinas. A personification of traditional beauty and elegance, juxtaposed with rising modern ideals and chaotic revolutions.

Cryptic Codes is an Autumn/Winter 2019 collection inspired by the contrast between the orthodox and rebellion. The garments focus upon the largest source of conflict at the time, which was the constant fight for power between both the military and the royal family. Expect to see a wide range of traditional military garment details in luxe heavy weight fabrication, combined with the contrast of modern structured silhouettes and fierce displaced propaganda prints. As well as feminine dresses and shirts, that capture the beauty and artistry of the Tsar andTsarina and their style, through intricate lazer cutting and pleated fabric manipulation.

Overall, the collection encapsulates a glimpse of revolutionary Russia, highlighing historical beauty and uniting with modern radicalism.