Jasmine Dalbins

vintage vs contemporary

Grand traditional buildings, interior architecture and 1940’s / 1950’s fashion are the main points of influence for the Autumn/Winter womenswear collection. A hint of gold embroidery, inspired by traditional military uniform details, will be found on the cus and necklines. Wroclaw in Poland is the main inspiration for my nal collection. The colourful, traditional buildings, ornate interior structures and patterns that are found within the architectural details will feature heavily in this collection. I have taken main inspiration from the blue and gold door which can be found at the University of Wroclaw. The patterns will be transformed and recreated in gold embroidery and laser cut. The colours which will be strongly visible in the collection are several shades of grey, such as charcoal and dove grey, along with the accent colours of dusty pink and subtle gold. This will create a warm contemporary look, juxtaposing the traditional fashion style. The styling of the collection will reference old family photographs from the late 1940s to the early 1950’s which show the style of fashion during that era. Inspiration will be extracted from the smart suits which were constructed from tweed and pinstripe fabric and from traditional overcoats with a contemporary edge. Coco Chanel, Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen are highly inuential designers which I will use as references to help create a high class, demi couture look, whilst creating and designing a new twist on the popular existing traditional look. Negin Misalehi, the Dutch fashion blogger, is the muse for this collection. Her tall, slim gure will help to enhance the classy, elegant vibe. The pale, toned down colours will be complimented by her highlighted chocolate and caramel hair colour.

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