Jessie McEwan

What is it inspired by?
∙ Alice in Wonderland
∙ Elizabethan & Victorian fashion
∙ 80s Wedding / Prom dresses

What will inspire shape and silhouette?
∙ Elizabethan and Victorian costume, creating a voluminous and oversized feminine silhouette
∙ Real garment research - looking into market level key garments and developing key pieces for the collection
∙ Oversized details such as frills and ruffles, experimenting with placement and scale

How is it going to be done?
∙ Elizabethan style sleeves / silhouette cut into modern fabric - jersey, nylon, silk, chiffon, fur, denim and scuba
∙ Using binding to accentuate frills, hems and edges - creating an outline around details
∙ Ruffles, frills, texture and layering in different scales
∙Volume and gathering
∙ Modern Fabrics
∙ Combined silhouette of the Elizabethan and Victorian eras along with garment details and fabrics from the 80’s

Phone: 07535253180
Instagram: @jessiemcewan