Karen Chan


There is no restriction or restraints, where fashon exists no longer about the direction of gender, but as an expression of self. This collection is gender neutral, wearable to both genders where savile row meets streetwear. Incorporating sportswear adjustable features, as a way of protesting against those who do not approve of freedom rights to wear hat you want, creating an anarchist statement that turns heads. Motivated by bringing back vintage aspects using silhouette from 1950s rebellion era, teddy style the time when rock n roll began to influence youths, as music was and still is a leading roll in style of dress. The boxy shoulders, drainpipe rolled up hem trousers, and baggy longline coats, juxtaposed with soft lines from sportswear attire, and utilitarian details with a mixture of fabrication

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PHONE: 07910684817
TWITTER: KarenChan_96
INSTAGRAM @karenchandesign