Karen Koeswardy


Exploring the concept of the sea, its different textures, colours and shapes with embroidery, fabrication and colours.

Beyond the Water Surface is a Spring/Summer 2020 Collection mainly inspired by the sea, the surface of the water, as well as the coral reefs ecosystem. It is heavily influenced by the invertebrates (such as: corals, sea slugs) living underwater. Looking at the texture and shape of the corals, and also the movement of it in water, has inspired the collection from its colour, fabrication, overall silhouette and detailing. The main silhouette of the collection is taken from the shape of the corals and it is also influenced by sporty silhouettes. It showcases exaggerated fit on the body and volume on the lower half. Key Garments such as a plastic cropped jacket, flowy trousers, and oversized coats are seen throughout this collection. The fabrications used throughout this collection are mostly sportswear waterproof fabrics, pleated drapery fabrics and layering different fabric textures to create a new fabric to work as a contrast to each other but still mimics the movement of the water and the organism in it. Embellishment in the form of embroidery is also seen throughout the collection. This will resembles the shape and pattern of the water surface when it is hit by sunlight.

The collection is to portray a designer level garments with some bright coloured pieces with delicate embroidery and textures.