Kate Scanlon

The Passenger Lost in You

The Passenger Lost in You womenswear Spring Summer 2019 collection explores the journey of a fragmented mind. The collection is inspired by the film ‘Frankie & Alice’,  2010 directed by Geoffrey Sax. The film is based on a true story about a go-go dancer in the 1970’s who unknowingly suffers from dissociative identity disorder, who begins to heal and take control of her life and semi-integrate the personalities. The collection explores mental health and investigates the erratic behaviour and trauma associated with dissociative identity disorder. D.I.D is characterized by numerous distinct identities and dissociated personality states. The different identities within one person is known  as an ‘alter.’

The collection focuses on six alters that are portrayed individually in each look. They each have their own identity: name, age, personality,  voice and mannerisms. Switching off  from reality is normal, it is a defence mechanism it can take seconds, minutes, days to switch. It is like ‘being a passenger in their own body not the driver’. The emphasis is on the switching of identities. Switching is represented in the  collection by each look containing apart of another alter, some areas more than others. Switching is expressed through the identites  merging together through fabric manipulation, layering, textural pieces, weaving and knit.

The collection gravitates towards lighter weight, delicate and fragile fabrics but will also contain a feeling of warmth and protection shield  with heavy weight fabrics. The use of loose, textured, yarns and organza creates a sense of vulnerability. The layering of the fabric resembles a  passageway to switch to block emotions, it portrays the hidden meaning, her memory loss and  the uncertainty of who she is. Translucent,  delicate and fragile  fabrics such as tulle and organza will be contrasted with protective warm fabrics. The iridescent acrylic foil, yarn and material will represent the hallucinations and effects experienced.

The collection is whimsical and creative, techniques such as gathering, hand pleating, and embellishment will feature throughout the collection.  Acrylic sheets and laser cut leather will appear throughout the collection, both indicate the identity and are inspired by the hands, fingers and eye prints.

The colours throughout the collection are inspired by the healing crystals of protection, anxiety, peace and depression. They portray the emotions and behaviour of each alter. The palette contains lutrous iridescent- flourite rainbow, rhodochrosite, amethyst, tourmaline, himalyan and quartz.  The market level for the collection in luxury high end with evidence of couture craftmanship.

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