Katie Pearson

This collection is inspired by how man-made structures and natural forms can work in harmony, to create a vibrant and abstract print collection.
This project follows the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, his work celebrates complex architecture that is placed within an organic environment, and this print collection explores how manmade and organic inspired prints can be combined together within a garment collection.
Colour plasy a vital role in this collection as I feel this is the biggest part of my design personality.
This collection celebrates clothing that is young, fun and colourful, yet promotes elegance and sophistication, all of which contribute to a positive attitude and confidence. The designs are hugely print driven showing exciting patterns and bold colour. The silhouette is clean and simple yet the design is enhanced through the use of print placement and colour choice.
Bold prints are a necessity in every woman’s wardrobe to create a statement and encourage a ‘can do’ attitude.