Katie Unsworth

It’s a Trappe

‘It’s a Trappe’ is a collection designed to bring about awareness for the amount of sea-life that is being destroyed by commercial fishing. Most people see the heart-wrenching images of turtles, whales and dolphins all wrapped up in these nets – they feel sorry for them and get on with their day. However, with this collection I want to bring around awareness that this is having a massive impact on the climate and show people how we are effectively killing our ocean. What people don’t realise is how 40 percent of catches from commercial fishing are composed of untargeted animals such as sharks, turtles and dolphins and due to being caught up in nets these animals all die. We need to send the message around that when our ocean dies we as humans canalso no longer survive.

This collection will be targeted towards the market of 18-30 year olds. The pieces in this collection will reflect an element of restriction to showcase the innocent animals caught up in these nets. Techniques such as weaving will be introduced to signify the idea of things getting caught up. There will also be a sportwear/street style element to the collection with inspiration taken from the market level, which is set against iconic designers such as Kenzoand Fenty.

The silhouette and colour palette for this collection will be inspired by the amazing creatures we find under the oceans surface. The silhouette will be bold and extravagant and the colours will have deep shades of grey as to give a contrast to the collection from the brights, shocking orange and bright pinks as part of the most of the creature’s skin and there will be hints of silver as to represent the sea-life. Weaving and laser-cutting will be a key element in this collection to create texture to the fabrics and bring a unique depth to the collection. As the ocean is so bold but yet so fluid, prints will be incorporated into the collection with an emphasis on devore to explore layering and differerent opacities of fabrics.



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