Laura Grime


This collection is designed for Womenswear AW19. The collection is inspired by the changes in feminist fashion combined with the romantic aesthetics of the Edwardian Period in which the Suffragette movement was founded.

The Collection’s prints are inspired by the botanical gardens and interiors of the Edwardian home, Winterbourne House.  The style of print is inspired by the arts and craft movement of the Edwardian Era using procion dyes and devores to crete delicate outcomes as well as maintain the hand craft element. The silhouette is a juxtaposition of both the garments of the Edwardian period and through collaging of the botanical influences I discovered at winterbourne house. The collection is pretty, feminine and proud tackling the idea that in the 80s we dressed more like men to prove a stronger sense of equality but now we can dress as “girly” as we want also and be just as powerful. The collection sends the message that as we move more towards a gender fluid society that we can now celebrate dressing for ourselves rather than others and we can dress as exactly as desired with confidence.

TOPSHOP- My Topshop project is inspired by the recent trend of “fringing”. The collection is a juxtapositiion of recent trends of fringing and fringing worn back in the 60’s festivals. The collection aims to give a fun contempory take on fringing - perfect for the sassy Topshop Girl.

COACH X LAURA G - This project is a self directed colloaboration between myself and COACH inspired by the fun vibrant city of New York and the Glamour of Studio 54. The collection aims to have the sparkle of Studio 54 meets cool city girl adding glitz to everyday wearable pieces.