Laura Pattison

Teddy boy meets Baby doll

The inspiration behind the collection is a combination of fifties teddy boy and ‘baby doll’ style, it presents contradicting themes that both share the use of fashion to hide their true nature behind an image; -The ‘Teds’ were portrayed as a violent gang subculture that thrived on disruption while being dressed in aristocratically presentable Edwardian drape suits. -The name ‘baby doll’ gives the impression of innocence, soft and femininity but also a sexy concealed
attitude in which they are not as vulnerable as they seem.
Taking colour inspiration from bruises, inspired by the violence of riots started by the teds, will set the deep mood of my concept while combining the girl like innocence though the subtle tone choice.
Opposing fabrics of leathers and chiffons shows the hard edge of ‘Teds’ in metalic tones while giving a soft feminine texture, the iconic drape suit drives the sillhouette while using experimental pattern cutting to add an effect of ‘rough and tumble’ attitude to a otherwise sleek and sharp image, gathers and layering shape the fabrics into an over exaggerated figure.
The brand is a high end designer aimed to compete with the innovative Yohji Yamamoto, Victor and rolf and Phillip Lim
Its Baby Doll meets Teddy Boy…