Laura Ramsden

“The purpose of art is to make the visible the invisible”- Franco Fontana.

This collection is inspired by movement, a change in direction for traditional menswear pieces, focusing on the key transition from items being worn, hung, dropped and folded. Inspiration is taken from a series of roadblock photographs by Franco Fontana, portraying the movement of overlooked direction. This will be an AW18 menswear collection, aimed at men 20-28 years old who are drawn to classic pieces with something playful about them. My muse is Arjan Van Hesteren, a model in his 20’s, his style is a mixture of adolescence trends and classic pieces, with distinct details.

Garment influence is taken from classic vintage menswear pieces such as jeans, coats, shirts and observing the transition of clothing from being worn to being folded, by reversing, rotating and manoeuvring the garment to form new shapes. Observational drawing of garment interiors, photography of gradual movement on and off the body and hanging garments differently off the body; back to front, half on/off and inside out. This will help find my playful silhouette alongside collage. Rotation will be used to help move basic seams, details and pockets for a unique garment like when folded. Enlarging sections will help create a simple twist to basic garments and mimic a new movement like when items are dropped.

My market level is designer, Joseph’s brand is similar due to the simplicity of garments with detail twists of fabric and colour choice. For the fabrics reverse is key, they’ll be heavy, textured and diverse to create the collide of direction. Wools, cottons and polyesters will be in a variety of weights, with the checks/stripes used in contrast directions. The colour palettes represent hues of greys overlapping with a path defining bright pop of colour.

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