Lauren Roseberry

Lorica A/W 17

This collections inspiration has been taken from armour, paying particular attention to Japanese armour. Focusing on the ideas of protection and the construction of the armour. Complex knit sampling were developed using metal rings to symbolise chain mail, asymmetric panelling to show construction and foil printed ribs to give the collection a futuristic feel.
The collection is aimed to be very wearable, however gives off an evening vibe. The colour palette was inspired by copper patina, providing the collection with both metallic and dark elements, aimed towards a younger clientele.
Bold Shoulders are a main feature throughout the collection as shoulder guards are a common theme throughout the research. Fitted Dresses, angled hemlines and high necklines, are all other key silhouettes throughout.
The Collection is aimed at a high market level, therefore uses high quality yarns and knitting techniques that are very textured and unique.