Lois Sleightholme


Colour, texture, embellishment, shape and storytelling.

Thermal Defenders is an A/W 19 collection derives from a fictional narrative, which instantly connects two juxtaposing influences, resulting in vibrant and tactile garments. Based in the year 4040, the planet is slowly becoming colder due to the Big Freeze. Central heating is like treasured gold, but is being stolen and sold illegally by the youthful yobs. The beloved army of Grandmas have pledged allegiance to the community to put a stop to this madness! Merging traditional military shirts, large patch pockets and camouflage surface patterns with many aspects of my Grandmas style, will in turn create a force to be reckoned with. Intricate sunray pleats will be used on skirts, along with jazzy sequin details in the form of camouflage shapes. Key fabrics such as faux fur and silk mesh will be heavily used, along with elegant pleated crepe and duchess satin. Texture will be introduced through the study of the ‘Ghillie suit’, a key garment used to resemble the background environment during warfare. Using the same method, swansdown marabou and tassels will be stitched on top of oversized coats, trousers and straps.

Overall, Thermal Defenders is a fun, bright collection, telling the tale of the future.

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PHONE - 07923239575
INSTAGRAM - loisalexandra_design