Lucy Brown

paris away days

‘Paris Away days’ is an autumn/ winter ’17 womenswear collection. The collection is inspired by the film ‘The Football Factory’ and the “Firm” of hooligan supporters, featured in the film.
The story for the collection concerns an away game in Paris, attended by the “Firm”. After the match, they go on a night out and end up sleeping with a group of Parisian showgirls. In the morning, the women need to leave. However, as it is winter in Paris and the girls are still in their lingerie from the night before, they borrow some of the men’s clothes. The style for the collection will be a mixture of oversized, masculine pieces juxtaposed with very feminine, lingerie inspired pieces.
The overall silhouette comes from the oversized shape and volume of menswear pieces on a female figure, juxtaposed with the shape of the tight fitting lingerie.
Research has centred on the fan’s fashion casuals, designs associated with football, including the kits the players wear, together with very feminine lingerie. Due to this mixture of styles, the collection has a ‘tongue in cheek’ element.