Mary Parkinson


Northern Summer S/S20 is a collection is inspired by my home town that is surrounded by a heavy steel making industry and a working class history, that is situated beside the seaside. Translating the mood of the place, the fisherman culture and industrial landscape, to inform the tone, silhouettes, colours and fabrication of the collection. The colour palette includes strong vibrant colours such as bright orange and blues, along with faded and washed out variations of the colours, light pinks and khakis; taken from the electic mix of colours, patterns and materials from the fishermens equipment, boats and tractors that are placed along the sea front. The fabrication of the collection includes leather, stripe shirting fabrics, demin, cotton and mohair knitwear. Northern Summer’ includes workwear inspired pieces, inspired by the RNLI uniforms and vintage sailor garments; such as large outerwear pieces influenced by traditional oil-skin coats, that were worn as protection from the water and harsh weather conditions. Fastening, layering and linking are design details of this collection, determined by vintage lifejackets and the boats clips and ties, to have a functional approach to the garments while remaining feminine. An important feature to the collection is the layering of garments, highlighting ‘Northern Summer’ is choosing how dress on a Spring/Summers day around the unpredictability of the weather at the northern coastline, such as wearing shorts but taking a large jumper, or a skirt worn with an oversized coat.

Overall Northern Summer S/S20 collection has a nautical approach, however representing the side of the North East Coastline which I have observed, an organic, working, practical and used theme taken from the equipment, boats and garments. The collection is aimed at young women aged 24+, who are fashion conscious and appeal towards high end ready-to-wear collections, with appreciation for timeless design that is suitable for everyday wear.