Megan Bramhald

Whimsical Woodstock

The collection is Autumn/Winter womenswear inspired by the 1970’s and studio 54, focusing on the personal and professional style of Cher in this era. The collection has been influenced by iconic 1970’s fashion designers such as Roy Halston, Bill Gibb and Ossie Clarke. This inspiration is supplemented by the contrasting styles of the hippie movement also prominent in the era.
The collection features strong surface decoration in the form of embroidery and appliqué. These are characterised by the contrasting colours and fabrics, inspired by the mosaic tiling in Antoni Gaudi’s Park Guell. The fabrics are a combination of silks, velvets, suedes and fur, all combined elegantly to produce a luxury festival style collection.M E G A N B R A M H A L DA/W 17