Menekse Ercan

looking good in the apocalypse

The inspiration for this collection is based on a fantasy dystopian future seen through the eyes of my real life muse, the rapper ‘Tyga’, and through the gangster and hip-hop culture the surrounds him. A sudden zombie apocalypse hits Compton and ‘Tyga’ struggles to survive the harsh realities of his environment. Coming from a life of crime, drugs and rap music, Tyga is prepared and leads his crew through the chaos. Society and morals are failing while people are looting and running in fear; he and his crew raid local stores, grabbing clothes, accessories and provisions that they will need as they take first steps into the new world.
The collection draws influences from the scenario, mixing intimidating and distorted oversize hip-hop silhouettes with cut camouflage fabric techniques and colours drawn from the apocalypse, creating a unique take on this clothing genre and providing attitude and mood to the collection.