Monique Kelsey

no one man...

The collection takes inspiration from the African-American Civil Rights movement. Kanye West will be the muse for the collection as he is currently the most controversial artist of our time and speaks of racism and discrimination frequently.
Looking into Religion, Tailoring, Fabric Manipulation, Sportswear, Riots and the power of the man. The collection tells a story of the movement: this being by protest, believing in the power of the church, prayer and making people aware that racism is still a everyday problem.
Eliminating the restrictions in menswear: the silhouette will be a combination of being oversized and amplified with fitted, slick garments. Using raw denim, faux fur, leather, bonded satin and suiting, with a muted colour palette with just a hint of colour. The outcome will show that all men are equal and will reflect the man feeling powerful again, like every other man and having the confidence to express there true outrageous style.